Use These Tips To Help Your Yeast Infection

almond oil

Many women have had the displeasure of getting a yeast infection. However, women who gain the proper knowledge also gain power over the infections. The article below is full of tips to keep infections at bay.

TIP! Dry your vagina thoroughly after your bath or shower. Excess moisture is a leading instigator of yeast growth and subsequent infections.

If you get a lot of yeast infections, consider what types of products you are using in and around your vagina. Don’t use soaps that are scented. These types of products upset the natural chemistry and pH balances of the vagina, oftentimes resulting in a yeast infection. Try to refrain from using extreme products to create equilibrium with your body.

Ibuprofen or aspirin can reduce the pain associated with a yeast infection. These infections may cause a lot of pain or discomfort throughout the day. Reducing the pain and discomfort can help keep you as productive as possible.

TIP! Consider your bath products as a possible cause for chronic yeast infections. Don’t use any cleansers that have perfumes or dies.

Avoid any scented or caustic hygiene products. Douches and body washes are commonly used by many women. However, this can affect its natural moisture and acidity levels. This will make you more vulnerable to yeast infections. Try using unscented soaps that are designed for that area.

Don’t wear fancy underwear if you think you are vulnerable to a yeast infection. Nice, cool cotton can keep you dry unlike polyester and nylons. This leads to yeast overgrowth and irritation.

TIP! Never use scented products near the vagina. Scented items such as sprays and soaps may irritate the vaginal area and give rise to a yeast infection.

To help combat yeast infections, increase the amount of sugar-free yogurt and garlic you consume. The garlic can aid in quickly snuffing out the yeast infection or any possible outbreaks. You can find garlic pills at a health food retailer or at your local drugstore. In addition to garlic, try to consume two cups of yogurt a day to help prevent yeast infections.

Tea Tree Oil

TIP! Yogurt is an excellent addition to your diet. Eat yogurt if you begin to feel an itching or burning feeling, which can be a symptom of yeast infections.

Yeast is no match against tea tree oil. A mixture of almond oil and tea tree oil is effective as a topical application on the vagina. Don’t apply undiluted tea tree oil, because it can cause unpleasant burns and irritation. This product kills infections of all sorts, leading to good health.

Many women know all about how irritating a yeast infection can be. There are many different ways to prevent and treat yeast infections. Utilizing the advice above is a perfect way to begin.

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