How To Prevent And Cure Yeast Infections

Baker's yeast

As much as you want to ignore it, yeast infections do occur. You might have one right now, and that has driven you to this article. Maybe you experienced one previously, and want to prevent more from arising. Regardless of your reason, the advice here can help ensure your future is free from yeast infection.

TIP! If you don’t want to have problems with a yeast infection, be certain to dry your body as much as you can after you have showered. Moisture can only hurt your yeast infection prevention routine.

If you go to the sauna or pool a lot, take off your wet clothes pronto. Do not sit in damp clothes as this lets the yeast grow quickly. Once you take off your damp clothing, make sure that you towel off well before you get redressed.

A great way to reduce the chances of getting a yeast infection is thoroughly drying yourself after a shower. Water is one of the main causes of yeast infections. When there isn’t any water the yeast can grow in, you simply won’t become infected as often.

TIP! Make sure you always wear natural cotton panties. The silkier kinds of underwear may feel nice and look sexy, but eventually they will cause the opposite.

When you feel like you have a yeast infection coming on, try to go to the doctor as soon as possible to get immediate treatment. Your best course of action is to seek treatment sooner rather than later.

Do not douche. This is actually counter-productive. Your body naturally keeps itself in balance. By disrupting natural bacterial balance because of external reasons, you are going to make it more likely to have a yeast infection. Cleansing the area with gentle soap and warm water is sufficient.

TIP! Avoid diaphragms and condoms if you use a cream for the infection. Creams can reduce the effectiveness of your contraception.

Add a couple cups of apple cider vinegar into a warm bath for some relief. Vinegar can help balance your pH and keep the growth to a minimum. Don’t stay in the tub for too long. If you do not want to take a bath, douche with a mix of warm water and vinegar.

Tea Tree Oil

TIP! If you suffer from recurring yeast infections, you may want to eat more yogurt. The probiotics and live cultures in yogurt can actually assist your body in fighting off the imbalances that cause yeast infections.

A great way to kill bacteria in your body is with the use of tea tree oil. Mix this oil with some sweet almond oil and apply it to your vagina. Using only tea tree oil can cause the burning sensation to get worse. This can help reduce the amount of bacteria both internally and externally.

Many things may have brought you to this piece. Maybe you have a yeast infection, or maybe you want to prevent one. In any case, the tips in this article will help you to successfully get rid of a current or future yeast infection.

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