How To Avoid Getting A Yeast Infection

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Women around the world suffer from very common yeast infections. The symptoms are unmistakable and can be quite irritating. Yeast infections can be treated, and the symptoms are manageable. Whether you have a yeast infection now or are just curious about them, then read the following article.

TIP! If you swim a lot, be sure to get out of wet clothes right away! Since moist environment foster yeast growth, never remain in damp clothing for an extended time period. Once you’ve removed damp garments, be sure to thoroughly dry yourself before donning clean, dry clothes.

If you swim a lot, be sure to get out of wet clothes right away! Don’t wear clothing that is wet because yeast thrives in damp conditions. To avoid excess moisture in the vaginal area, remove wet clothing immediately and thoroughly dry the area before putting on fresh clothes.

Stress is something that can also make you more prone to getting a yeast infection. Stress has a dramatically negative impact on the immune system and can make you more susceptible to developing infections.

Yeast Infections

If you have yeast infections frequently, you might need to switch up bath products. Soaps and cleansers containing dyes and fragrances should be avoided. Any of these can alter the routine chemistry and pH balance of the vaginal interior, opening the door to yeast infections. Use non-harmful hypoallergenic products instead.

TIP! Try not to use douches. While you might think you’re cleaning yourself, your body knows how to naturally stay balanced.

Acidophilis is great for yeast infections. These live cultures found in yogurt help prevent the growth of yeast. If you are using live culture yogurt to treat a yeast infection, be sure to purchase the kind that does not contain sugar. The sugar found in sweetened yogurt can feed the yeast infection and help it thrive.

Avoid using scented products near or in the vaginal region. Scented sprays, soaps and douches can increase the chance of a yeast infection. It is especially important not to use scented tampons or pads as they come in the closest contact and can be especially irritating. Don’t use toilet paper that contains dyes.

TIP! Try increasing your yogurt intake if you constantly have yeast infections. Yogurt has healthy probiotics and bacteria and that can fight imbalances in your natural vaginal flora.

Apple cider vinegar can be very effective at combating the infection on your body. Dilute it with water, and apply some to the infected area. Because the vinegar is so concentrated, diluting it before application is crucial. If you have a lot of itching, add garlic for more comfort.

As you can see by now, yeast infections are common, albeit annoying, among women worldwide. Hopefully, from this article, you have learned how to deal with this condition that so many women are afflicted with. Just make use of the knowledge you’ve gained and yeast issues should be a thing of the past.

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